Sunday, April 13, 2008

Touge for Friendship (Part 2)

Upon arrival at the Teluk Bahang Dam, we saw that there are too many "spectators" around and we'd decided to park a little further up the way. As with most driving activities, a post mortem was in order once everyone got outta their cars and lit-up :P (Still no pics due to super bad lighting)

After a short chit-chat session and a couple of ciggies, Tougeking wanted me to navigate him through the Teluk Bahang to Balik Pulau part of the touge. So off we went for Round 2 in the thick pillared Satria Neo with Tougeking at the helm.
*Please refer to for the video*

We arrived back at the dam to find that most of the crowd had moved off so we'd shifted to a better lit area next to the guardpost.

Left - Right : TK's Neo, ScAv's Silver Banana, and Tan's V6.

Sorry not many pics as I was already called in for the 3rd round of touge.

Tougeking had so much fun through the super twisty touge that Ah Boy also wanted to get in on the action, I for one did not want to miss the workout so I took lead in my Silver Banana. Tougeking rode with Boy in his EG B16B and Raj and Patrick rode with me in my Silver Banana 4G63 SOHC (I'll just call it torque for now due to its charachteristics)

Round 3 touge : We had a little Torque vs VTEC battle up the touge! Boy and I were having a fun drive and we hit the touge super fast with Boy's EG giving chase with much effort put in but still trailing. I had to wait a bit, just to be sure nothing happened while Boy tried to catch up (I had home course advantage). I'd arrived a little ahead of Boy, so Patrick, Raj and I decided to come out for a ciggie whilst we wait. When Boy eventually arrived at the checkpoint, everyone talked as if we'd known each other for ages even though we had not chatted before. Touge for friendship!!!

My Silver Banana in front with the yellow spotlights with Ah Boy's Civic EG Type-R at the Balik Pulau checkpoint. Ah Boy's "Primo" example of a beaut EG.
Tougeking as usual being the drama queen that he is, did not want to see the arse of another car through the touge and decided to sit in on my drive back to the dam gates. No worries this round as Patrick (also a local) rode back with Boy. So we took the touge super fast this time and I scratched my front passenger side rim on a low curb as a consequence. Haiz... But thankfully, nothing went awry and check-ups were made upon arrival at the dam gates.

It was a super hard workout due to the fast driving, I was sweating profusely! We cooled down, chatted a bit and parted ways as it was already 4.30a.m.

I went home a happy man.. Delighted to see a stock Perdana could handle the touge averagely well on stock suspension and all the touge excitement had been vented outta me. Phew! What a night!!!


Touge King said...

Thanks for your hospitality and thanks for showing us the line!

Damn you were amazing! All hail the god of Balik Pulau!!!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi TK, thanks so much for making this trip. I really enjoyed the touge this round although the only alertness I got was from a can of Red Bull :P

I hadn't done so many rounds of the touge in a VERY loooong time.

There are also still many faster drivers out there bro. I'm not the fastest one around. You were just not accustomed to the road. Thanks for the praise anyhow :)

patrickgun said...

eh scav, when wana go cameron? kekeke

ScAvEnGeR said...

This Saturday.. Wanna come along bro???