Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wed night, wet run

My main man (mech) Chris called me up at work yesterday, asking me to leave the Silver Banana with him as he wanted to do up the absorbers. As usual, I'll meet him for lunch and leave the car with him and I never know what he wants to do or how he does it. No matter, as long as the function suits me, I'm fine :P

Anxious as a kid a day before visiting Disneyland, I invited Daniel (Civic) and Ah Ti (Kenari) to join me for the touge and of course Chris came along to see the results of his tuning. Daniel for one never says no to a touge run.

We all met up at the Shell station at the base of the touge and sadly, Daniel was en route from a party and without his trusty steed so he rode with me while Chris and Ah Ti pursued in the Kenari. We took it relatively slow seeing that we just had torrential rain.

We went for a non-stop run from Jalan tun Sardon all the way till the Teluk Bahang dam gates where we stopped by for some photos and some chit-chat.

I have to say that Chris' damper settings were fantastic and body roll had been minimized greatly. The front bump and rebound was good for the way I drive. Although I felt that the rear rebound was a bit too harsh but it was in fact great for the twisties. Good job Chris!

Here are some slick photography by Ah Ti in amber lighting using his Nokia N80. Sweet! - A great bunch of guys and a team I'd back anyday. Miss you fellas! Will see you guys soon at TT or in the touge ;)
As Daniel was getting a lesson from Chris in the ways of the audiophile, Ah Ti and myself were puffing ourselves silly on Marlboro lights. It was getting VERY late and so we hurried down past Batu Feringghi and arrived safely home around 3.30a.m.


kev said...

wah u guys got so much money to go touge, haha, im so pokai now, lol, btw, ive added ur link to my blog scav

ScAvEnGeR said...

No la.. We live close by ma.. Penang is a small island oni. Everywhere is close by.

Thanks for the link, Kev.

kev said...

yw, haha, we went touge on saturday nite, haha, it was fun shit, pics on my blog

ScAvEnGeR said...

Nice touge... I definitely wanna try it some time.

When you guys wanna come over to Penang for touge? Hope to see you soon ya.