Monday, April 28, 2008

Obake-Ya prison themed Jap restaurant

As I'd promised, I went to try out the prison themed restaurant down town and here's what I found :)

It's located close to Upper Penang Road and the entire row of restaurants are fashioned of colonial buildings.

As you enter, here's a view of the cashier.
And the cellar where customer bottles are kept.
This is a view of the bar.
A private table.
A few private rooms with crimes as their namesake.

A private dining hall.
Their menus were packed with lots of selections. I was spoilt for choice.

Drinks would be served in "attractive" containers.
I for one went for the authentic sake to go with my sukiyaki (my fav Jap dish) instead of these cocktails and liquors.
The way to the toilets was through a suspension bridge and lit by blacklights (UV).
See how the flowers light up :P

The service was great, and the food tastes alright. No judgement yet as I'd yet to try the sashimi. Presentation of course gets an "A" for their effort.

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