Friday, April 25, 2008

Thurs night, Dennis' farewell

A dear friend will be leaving today for air school (gonna be captain someday), so we'd decided to give him a last round touge before his departure.

I met up with Patrick and his friend after work at Pekaka Fried Rice King for dinner and bad luck reared its ugly head and Patrick could not engage gears. It was the first time any of us had to push one of our cars in a crowd!
Christopher arrived shortly and deduced that the firewall holding the clutch pedal was torn open.

We waited for the tow truck until 10+p.m. and Patrick's car was towed to Northern Garage for rework. Lookie what we found there....

Two of Jap's finest... Such beauties!

I arrived home at 11p.m. and thought I'd call it a night but I struggled to sleep. Then, Daniel SMS'd and told me they were at Island Plaza and going up to the TB Dam. I thought... Why not? So I touge'd up the course in reverse and met them at the dam gates for some chit-chat and to say my goodbye to Dennis.

On the way back, I followed a Charade that drove ala Initial D. It was a very fun drive :P

Pics will be uploaded as Patrick has yet to mail them to me.


Dennis Tan said...

andrew~~ ^^
dennis still in nibong tebal la. :P i'm not leaving to any place leh lol~

Dennis Tan said...

Vrooom~ just love the deep note of those RB's

GTR, man. just wish our dad was related to a-du-la, then can cash in fast. ^^ then we can buy all those nice ride already.

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Dennis...


A friend from Patrick's group.

I agree. I love the RB series engines for their output and balance, just that the weight puts me off. I prefer the SR's.

See you around soon ya bro. 3 weeks and its track day liao. Get your mango prepped :)