Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sat night touge with Tougeking : Touge for friendship (Part 1)

I crawled into bed (my sofa rather) around 4a.m. Sat morning due to some tire testing earlier that morning. I was dreaming of gunning it (the touge) much faster and screech.... brrr-iiing~! My phone rang to abruptly woke me from my record breaking dream :P

It was Tougeking on the other side of the line at 8+ a.m.~!!! Friekin' hell... I had just got some shut eye. Anyhow, good news followed, Tougeking was coming up to Penang for the Teluk Bahang touge! I jumped outta bed and started to get my car prepped.

I went over and waited around 5 hrs at Chuan Ghee tire shop to get my balancing and alignment done. I removed the stupid HID units from my headlamps (by the road side) in the mean time. Stupid thing is bloody well glaring, but as bright as a dim bulb! I installed my original Koito halogen H4's and off to the Smart Tint (friend's accessory shop) to get some spotlights installed.

The spotlight install was stopped short to do the wheel balancing and alignment. With tremendous amounts of chit-chat and smokes in between, I had completed the spotlight install at 10.30p.m. As I wanted a quality install, I was willing to wait until I had undivided attention from the installer. Yesterday night proves that he did not dissapoint.

I rushed home for a bath and a quick nap then off to meet the entire gang at Tommax stickers in wait for Tougeking's arrival which he cordially did to the sound of a 5Zigen Pro-Racer! We sat down for some drinks at Fantasi Nasi Kandar and waited for Raj & Patrick's contingent to arrive. Then off we went to the Relau Shell station for fill-ups and air pressure check. Everyone regrouped and off we went at around 1.30a.m. We were joined by Ah Han (Tougeking's mech & buddy), Ah Boy in his EG B16B, BC Machine Tan and Lao San, MyviC fellows (super friendly bunch), Chean Exhaust group from Parit Buntar and Raj & Patrick along with their friends. We'd split the group up into 2 groups, one group will be driving "enthusiastically" whilst the other will cruise.

This pic of the huge TT was taken with MyviC outside having a puff and still missing Raj & Patricks group.

Dr. Goh meets Dr. Goh at Touge for Friendship (Pg Edition)
I'd led the "enthusiastic" group whilst Tommy of Tommax led the cruisers.

Our route was through Jalan Tun Sardon to Balik Pulau, then cruise through the township and head to Teluk Bahang past Titi Kerawang and eventually all arrived at the Teluk Bahang Dam with (thankfully) no occurences or mishaps.

*Not many pics as I was eager to drive. Hope I can steal a few pictures from Tougeking's or Patrick's blog :P *


patrickgun said...

i no pic la..forgot to bring my cam as well

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Patrick,
That night too much fun la... I was so high on adrenaline that I couldn't think of anything else but to drive! Hahaha... I went on all 3 rounds of the touge ler. And with only a couple of hours of sleep on me. VERY tiring lor.

So siok, I wanna do this again some time. Good fun!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Thanks so much to all those whom have participated as well.

Especially MyviC, thanks so much for attending bros. I really appreciate the effort.