Monday, April 7, 2008


I went up to the new Balik Pulau market yesterday morning with my parents for some marketing. The new market looks too clean and organized for that nostalgic Balik Pulau feel. However, it was an improvement as its much more hygienic and brighter than the old market.

Sad thing was that food stalls were also put in the new building and so well organized in fact that I'd lost all calibration of where the "good makan" were situated :(

My mom went on a shopping spree, stocking up on all the household foodstuffs. I was just trailing along when I sighted a cool bunch of bananas. These buggers looked really yummy and ripe, I just couldn't resist.
I had a great breakfast this morning, cereal, oats and sliced banana.. Slurp :P
Added a cuppa orange juice for some vit.C

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