Tuesday, April 22, 2008

T-Bowl Restaurant

I'd decided to try the new theme restaurant at Queensbay mall just for kicks. It's themed as a toilet and all seats were toilet bowls while the tables are sinks.

This is a view of the interior. Simpl setup but with a weirdly nice ambience.

The seats were all toilet bowls, and some such as this had nice murals on them.

Food presentation was of course... er.... "unique"?!?!?! But taste was.. Well... Tasteless... The drinks were served in old school goblets and I have to say that the drinks were great.

All in, it was a fairly interesting experience trying to eat on a seat you normally use to dump excrement... But the food was terrible although service was fair. The waitress kept speaking to me in some funny language even after I told her I did not understand multiple times! WTF???

I'm waiting to try out the Prison themed restaurant in town... I hope to do that soon, keep posted ;)

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