Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday night touge with BCM members.

It was the weekend again and as usual, my yum cha session and eventual touge was scheduled. This time around, by BC Machine members.

I came out for the TT session around 11p.m. and met up with Tan and Dennis of TKA along with Tommy of Tommax and Chris (my mech) for drinks and chit-chat while we waited for the roads to clear of traffic. Tan had informed me that more members were on their way, so we held our horses and waited a while.

Then Raj and Patrick (& Co.), called up and told me that they were going to meet up with us as well. Phew.. This TT was getting bigger. Then BCM Jay (Eterna TT) had shown up and decided to take a slow drive up first.
Once all were gathered and we were about to move, BCM Tan told me that BCM Ah Seow was on his way along with BCM Lao Heah and Bert. But due to their lateness and many friends were getting restless, we decided to gun the touge first.

Chris got a report from one of our friends already at the dam that the police were up there doing detailed checks and inspection on all present. So we gunned the touge and stopped a few hundred metres short of the dam gates.

After only a couple of cigs, a friend alerted us that the patrol car was on his way up to check for stragglers. We all ran to our steeds and headed back up the touge at lightning speed. *It was soooo Fast & Furious!*

We managed to escape the "operasi" unscathed (luckily) and literally "drove it like we stole it". We stopped halfway as raj got detained whilst Patrick had just slipped by and was en route to our location.
Left to Right : ScAv's Perdana SEi, Daniel's EK, Tan's Perdana V6 (M), Jay's Eterna TT, Chris' wira 63T, Dennis' Ranger, and Tommy's Wira SE hiding in the shadows :P
*This pic was taken at one of the hairpins while waiting for Patrick whom was en route.
We all dispersed and got home safely whilst Raj was released a little later after providing a little "favour" to the cops. Bah!

I got word yesterday that BC Machine Seow, Lao Heah, and Bert were also detained that night. It seems that they had gone up using the forward route and had planned to meet us at the dam gates. I assume that they're alright now.

What an eventful night! Phew...


Touge Kid said...

you all really a big group compare with us:-( Hope one day bcome same with u all hv a big group:D

Pikachu said...

Hahaha... it was really a fun night. Almost like playing 'police n thief' minus the sirens and loot!

kev said...

lol lucky lar u scav, ur not scared later the police read ur blog meh? hahaah, ask ur friends to come to cameron this labours day :D

ScAvEnGeR said...

Tougekid: We're just a bunch of friends that REALLY enjoy the touge. Nothing much... No group or team or whatsoever.

Pikachu: It was really funny when we ran from the police wasn't it? Really drove it like we stole it! Next time, I can provide the sirens... Then you hand me the loot ya :P

Kev: I'll keep in touch. A trip down is quite possible.

Dennis Tan said...

hahaha~ really do really do. I will sell the loot and give you half the share ^^ ok? lol~~