Thursday, February 19, 2009

Up for Grabs~!!! - Updated

I've recently got a few items that are up for grabs.

A pristine Apex'i RSM is yours for the price of RM400.00

And another classic carb for the enthusiast in mind. A Weber DCNF 40 complete with mounting plate for Toyota's K-series engine (as seen on Leng's Corolla), and an original K&N filter element (can be replaced) and housing.

This item will be going for the price of RM500.00 - SOLD!

HKS early model turbo timer going for RM120.00 - SOLD!

I can be contacted on my direct-"Snappy"-line at 012-4077575

Cheers fellas!


Ray Eoh said...

can the weber fix in 4g13/15 carb??

ScAvEnGeR said...

Indeed it can bro. I was running a 1.3L Toyota 2E on this carb previously, then switched to a 3E 1.5L engine after the crank gave way to 8000RPM upshifts.

That's the beauty of Webers bro, unlimited revs as long as your engine can make it, or as you're willing to risk!


darius said...

apexi rsm... tempting... for cosmetic purpose la... cannot expect that much from my 1.3L...

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Darius, actually the accurate data from the RSM can tell you lots. Especially if you've also got the G-sensor.