Monday, February 16, 2009

Twisting forces and its impedance!

Upon retrieving his car from our panel workshop, Soon had since converted his frontage to resemble that of the current Lancer Evolution. With great gaping bumpers, comes great wide washboard intercoolers. Once everything had been installed and my warranted test drive, we'd come to a conclusion that his car was now lacking response. Fer got to tuning and, DANG!, Soon's now boosting from low down the RPM range right up till redline... Wait for it... Lag free! The response was just unbelievable, point-squeeze-shoot! This GSR is rockin'~!

As uncle Spidey mentioned, with great power, comes great responsibility, which in this case is manifested by a huge metal plate and a chunk of casted iron!

It was a boring Sunday as usual, and I was just hanging out at home whilst the guys visited 99 in BM where they met Tan and Chean (from Team Chean Exhaust). Everyone bought a little something and returned in the evening, which was when I got an SMS, calling me to RPM.

A comparison of what's coming off, versus what's going on in a minute! Note the huge difference in size. In automotive, every millimetre counts a lot! And these brakes were approximately an inch bigger, which equates to 25.4mm. And that says a lot like no other!
Even the calipers were huge-rer. Note the extra reinforcement (ribs) on the caliper body and of course, the extra piston.
The one that's coming off.
The one up and running! (or stopping, more like it)
Soon was "ponna" gay (I mean happy la macha) to be working on his own stoppers.
We were, as usual, JKR-ing whilst Soon was sweating bullets whilst swapping discs. Once he was done with the install, I couldn't help but jump on the photo-op. These babies look huge, peeking out from behind the OZ replicas.
With a sweaty brow, and equally wet shirt, Soon was a hungry man (he missed dinner). So we dismissed to Fantasi for some drinks, chat (where I was going nuts for some sort, any sort of well balanced and linear forced induction), and eventually left for home.
What's customary after every upgrade, I wonder??? Hmm... 5 letters, starts with a "T" and ends with an "E". Let me help ya out, T_G_E~!! Hahaha... Check back here for its performance review :P


Dennis Tan said...

hohoho~ yo bro~ welcome to the twin-pot world ^.^

slowly enjoy the great braking forces given by the twin piston~


ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Dennis, I'll definitely pass on your message to Soon. I'm sure he'll agree on the ability to brake later :)