Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Of stiff sticks and soft bounces!

It was on the 7th day of CNY and I was just having a lazy rested day in preparation for the working year ahead. I'm sure we'll all have to be as tough, hardworking and persevere as the Ox to survive the current financial plight :(

I got a call from Fer some time after lunch time and the Norther Touge fellows all met up at Tommax for a cock-and-bull session :) During which, Daniel had wanted to re-adjust his damping for some time now and I'd needed to take a look at some of the wirings on the Silver Banana. So we decided to grab the keys to RPM Autoworks and have a little DIY session with our guru Fer on the watch.

We arrived to a brimming workshop full of cars so since Daniel had the hardest task, his car was fully parked inside, and the Silver Banana was parked halfway rearwards in since I only had to look in the rear half. The supervisor-for-the-day of course, had his monster machine parked just outside.
Low and it's all show, no go! I was parked on a ramp... Just took the pic to check out how it looks if I invested in a set of pneumatic shocks.
Daniel set off to work on removing his dampers slowly but surely seeing that this would be his technical debut! He never DIY'd on his mechanicals before. Great effort bro!

As with all learners or first timers, supervision is warranted and I was only there to prop things up and to aid installation :P *I'm also the inpromptu camera-man mah!* (self redemption rocks!)

After a lengthy process and Fer working his magic on the new settings the car was lowered off the tripods and lo and behold! The Civic is a whole new machine...
Getting low is the theme of the day. If you're thinking wheel to fender clearance, its non-existant!

Of course, this warranted a touge run, so we proceeded to meet at a fav car wash since Daniel wanted to ge this car washed (to look clean and mean) where seatings were allocated and Fer was riding with Daniel to get feedback on the new settings whilst Mark sat with me for a little Touge 101. We blasted up the touge full on (since we'd been MIA since before the CNY) without a worry in mind and its enlightening how the drive through Penang's fav touge route clears ones mind!

I had a fantastic run, and Daniel was extremely happy with the new damper settings. His new settings were stiff enough to avoid unnecessary roll whilst keeping the bumps and dips in check. Mark had also improved a lot in the past few months, he was even able to point out to me the 2 mistakes I made on the way up!

Watch out world, Northern Touge is coming out yo!


Ray Eoh said...

Nice Bodykit ler for your banana and also the civic.. Really nice

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Ray, long time no see :P

I'm not really one for bodykits... But after some convincing by Soon and Fer to put on a little "make-up" for the Silver Banana, I'd just gone ahead and let Soon work his magic :)

Glad you like it bro, I like it too. Hahaha...

Cheers and Happy New Year!