Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Birthday, Pits, and Revelry!

It is the 9th day of the Lunar Calendar and the entire team was invited over to RPM Autoworks to celebrate Ah Peow's (air-cond man) girlfriend's 21st birthday! We were all ponna excited and I was, as usual, too early :P Anyway, Chun arrived slightly after and gradually, so did the rest of the team and all invited guests.

It was a fantastic evening of festivities and revelry with much fellowship, food and drinks aplenty, and everyone just having a ball of a time!
Well, as you can see, there's not many at the dining area since we were all a "helpful bunch".... Here's what most of us were doing. We actually have 6 cooks! 4 at the pits and 2 prepping the skewers :)
Whilst a bunch of us were.. Er... "Discussing" and "planning" over some drinks and a cig. Told you we were a helpful bunch didn't I? :P
A tribute pic to all the hardworking cooks whom constantly had the pits on full burn and full capacity!
We ended the night at 1a.m. to a cheery crowd, and what seemed like never ending revelry, but here I am in the office again!
Cheers fellas, see you guys tonight... I'm sure there are lots to clean up still!


Lw said...

parties at the workshops :D fantastic!
anyway i want to ask ya if it's possible to changhe my link (on your blog) with this nu link

thnx ;)


ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey bro... Great to hear from you and the Italian Touge crew!

How are things in Europe?

It was a superb party. Everyone had loads of fun!

Changed and saved. Cheers!

Lw said...

eh eh things are going well
my friend Mugen keep going on track with his civic and kart (and cooking coz his a good young chef).....about me...i try to do my best on studying and karting :D (you know lack of money so everything become smaller eheh)


ScAvEnGeR said...

Great to hear from you again Lw, and great effort to you and your pal Mugen.

Ain't that true... Everything is just shrinking... But that's where opportunity lies.

Good luck Lw! Cheers bro!