Monday, February 16, 2009

Initial vid with DoriX

I was bored outta my mind with the current slum in activities, and I'd overheard DoriX had gotten himself a camcorder. Now, home-made vids come to mind, and the activity I was planning does not involve strewn undergarments and slutty slots~! So I gave DoriX a call to meet up at McD and we'd just wing it from there. We chatted, more "actors" arrived, and once we had our fill, everyone was in high spirits for some canyon carving!

So up we went and just had a super fun cruise where I got to see DoriX slippin' and slidin'. I guess he's gotten used to his new settings, or its just due to the balding tires in the rear :P (He's looking for 17"s). Anyhow, I was just in the zone, where I just wanna give those shocks a thorough workout! So I overtook DoriX and proceeded to just blast my way up overtaking anyone and anything (there was even a bat!) that's in my path.

I arrived at the dam safe, sweaty and pumped (with adrenaline) to the brim. I'd not have had such a good run in quite some time. The excitement is just getting to me. I didn't have enough, (I never have!) I wanna hear some screeching tires... And DoriX was kind enough to oblige!

You can see both the vids at DoriX's blog. I'm sorry I do not have it here, I've somewhat limited access :P Enjoy~!!!

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