Monday, February 2, 2009

Indecently long

After an absurd and indecently long absence, I'm back from my Chinese New Year holidays and will be blogging about what happened in the recent flurry of activities although some might still be motorsports inclined :P

As for now, I've to get ready for the 8th CNY evening's prayers. See you fellas soon!

Oh, Soon (The Hairy One) had just gone through another "phase" of kit on his GSR. Watch for updates on that soon.

p.s. Who knew one could lose RM30 just by gambling with children betting only 20cents?!?!?! *shocked*


Julian said...

Happy CNY man. You're part of the car hospital in BJ?

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi there Julian, I'm assuming you mean RPM Autoworks?

If so, yes I am bro. Have you been there? Come by some time and just let me know if you've difficulty finding the spot.

Cheers and Happy Chinese New Year!