Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First posting of the Oxen year!

The Chinese New Year is undoubtedly the most anticipated event in every Chinese' calendar and it has come and past just as quickly. It is a week's worth of gatherings, having quality family time and its also the longest holiday in any Chinese owned business.

Mine was spent with my family, immediate or extended alike, at our ancestral home mostly and visiting friends all over Penang. It has been a fantastic week and I apologize for the lack of updates on this little corner of the world wide web I call my own.

It is the second day of CNY and I woke up super early, being well rested and all, and just decided I'd take a drive up to the Teluk Bahang dam rather quickly :) I arrived there to be greeted by a rising sun, fresh air and not a person in sight. The view is just breathtaking under the soft light of the waking sun.I then took a slow drive back down to Gurney drive to capture some views from there. The tide is out and the mudflaps are teeming with life!
Penang IS beautiful~!!!
Then I went for a carwash and got ready for more house visiting and ang pow collection :P


darius said...

that a beautiful view of the dam... seriously...

ScAvEnGeR said...

Thanks Darius, I hardly ever see it in the morning. Most of our touge sessions are at night.

It's quite a revelation seeing it in this light... In any light! Hahha..