Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leng's Vivid Ventures of Voracious Intent! KE70 kommen!

Ah Leng was super hardworking yesterday washing his engine bay at RPM Autoworks around tea time (excuse the obscenity). He's into the chemical cleaner business by the way, so we were testing a new mixture as well (which worked excellent on the gooey black gunk on the crossmember).

Check out the "rippling muscles" (I had him sign the release forms... Honest!) But hold it... There's something wrong in this pic...
Seems like somethings amiss... A closer look you say?
The engine had been removed and undercarriage modifications are underway for something a little bigger and then some!

You ain't getting the news that easy. Check back for more updates soon! :P

Till then.. Cheers!


Dennis Tan said...

AE86's crossmember dude~ sweet~! is it a normal 16V with TVIS or something even meaner?

4AGE 20V - BT~ >_<~

ScAvEnGeR said...

Woah Dennis! Very keen eye bro.

Ah... You ain't getting the info that easy. Check back if you wanna find out.

Engine arriving today. I'm just tingling with anticipation!