Monday, February 16, 2009

Of hood vents and aerodynamic addendum!

On the way to being a model show car, one has to have the visual appeal and massive performance to match. Our cars, being the "automotive paragons" (ahem!) that they are, were being kitted and suited up by Soon one fine evening.

Fer Fer was being plagued by heat, and the fact that his hood looked like crap, had so decided to get Soon to install Evo III hood vents to aid in the relieve of heat generated by the pressurised pipes and blower sitting underneath.

Soon is measuring up the cuts that had to be made.

Perfectly slicing through the steel, Soon had made two clean squares to fit in those vents. It's amazing watching how Soon handles the Makita grinder. Its like watching art flow! (I'm just getting all softy.. Blergh).
Fer Fer was instructing a few more pieces of under-hood structure be removed cleanly.
The finished product installed and bolted down. Perfect install without apparent gaps.
Fer Fer checking out Soon's handiwork whilst the rest of us were acting out how a typical JKR operation went down (1person work, 4 more stand around to watch and comment).
I, being the silly bugger that I am, got Soon to install a diffuser for the Silver Banana's rear. It looks kinda cool... In a queer, non-fitting kinda way :P
Anyways, it was a fantastic evening and everyone returned home tired, sleepy and full of fiber strands!


Ray Eoh said...

huh.. finally soon has cut his hair. Haha..

ScAvEnGeR said...

He does this ritual every CNY. But yeah... See him end of the year and he looks like a downright mop!

Ray Eoh said...

this is definately a great cost saving!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Ray, indeed it is... Wanna go for it? I've seen you in that hairstyle previously innit? Hahaha...