Friday, February 27, 2009

Breakfast! My fav meal.

Seeing as how I'm changing my lifestyle with consumption of healthier foods and attempting to get more workout time logged in. I just wanna share a simple breakfast I love and it's so simple to make (I sound like those cook show chefs)

I started off by lightly toasting the bread (so it doesn't get soggy from the vegs) then placed tomatoes and yellow onions (which are not as spicy and sweeter than the red variety), spread liberally atop the toast.
Then a layer of cucumber and a generous load of lettuce topped off with black pepper for that extra zing. Black pepper is used coz its less spicy then the white, but much more flavorful.
After that, any dressing will be nice and since I'm quite the mustard lover, I'd put on quite a lot of yellow mustard to add some extra taste. I only had yellow mustard at that time, if only Dijon was available. *slurp*
And to add a whole lotta vitamins, some protein and potassium, I made a bowl of oats with non-phosphorus raisins and slices of banana.
As I was about done with my meal, mom turned out a pan of oven baked garlic slices for later. Naturally, being the experimental kind, I 'napped a few to accompany my last bite. Surprisingly, the taste of the baked garlic went superbly with the garden vegs in my sandwich. I guess I just found a new ingredient for the next round :)
This is my usual breakfast if I wake up early (as you can see its dark in the pics) and have a little time for the simple preparations listed above.


darius said...

scav, u shud try garlic spread ala pizza hut's garlic bread... now they sell it separately too, the garlic spread... nice wey...

ScAvEnGeR said...

I prefer to make my own spread though. Lotsa coarsely chopped garlic in a portion of butter with some salt and black pepper.

Then sprinkle with oregano after baking. Try this recipe dude. You'll be amazed at what you can make on your own.