Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday's Frivolities - 2 Gen.'s of 'Rollas

The Dragon70's engine is being serviced and refreshed with new parts whilst Chun is measuring up the engine mounts, moving the engine as far back as possible for better weight distribution.
The T50 gearbox had also arrived and we found a worn clutch and immediately placed an order for a racing unit to be shipped immediately. The clutch will be arriving on Monday when installation work will resume.
The interior has been cleared and cleaned by Leng himself and will go through re-wiring very soon.
As I had mentioned previously about having another FI in the Northern Touge family. Here's Chea's pristine AE92 of the supercharged variety. We have sourced for its twin-pot (also from the AE92) brake pads and this beauty will be getting a new set of stoppers really soon.
Ahh... The memories... I love this model. Light (in comparison with my ride), tough and simply a pleasure to drive. Over a decade old and not a single creak or squeak going over rough surfaces. I had that scoop on my EE90 too, but mine was a dummy :P
The engine bay is cramped and fully stock except for the air filter...
And a Jasma approved extractor. Sweet!
After changing to Eagle F1's all round, I had the privilege of driving this Supercharged lightweight (I drive a Perdana, so sue me!) at the uphill touge (reminisce).
Believe you me, this baby handles beautifully with a fondness to oversteer and the copious amounts of torque, with the aid of the SC, pulling it along. You can just control the balance with the throttle and a little left foot braking.

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