Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check ups and full day bull session! Part 1

Last Saturday, I was having routine checks on the Silver Banana at Chris' place. My car(s) always have regular check ups due to their hard life on the Teluk Bahang touge, maintaining high revs, 2nd gear pull, terrible!
Kok Kheng was there before I came by to solve some alignment issues and a stuttering engine while boost came on. He drives a pristine B8T Familia 323. Whilst I was waiting for my turn, Ah Ti (super cool Kenari party car!) came by to check some leaks on his undercarriage, which we later found was due to his engine... Can you say upcoming transplant?

Who was to come up right behind Ti but Johnson, albeit his newly acquired EP3, came in his parents' Grand Vitara for a sticker job to liven the bare exterior. It was getting to be quite a party right there.

We decided to get some drinks from the opposite mamak stall whilst we wait, just to talk bull and pass the time. Sanjev called up around lunch and asked if he could join? Of course the answer was a resounding yes! Anyone can join up for yum cha sessions as long as you can put up with the amount of nonsense and fun-filled banter :P

We moved to Tommy's shop (which a few shoplots from Chris' place) and chatted all through the afternoon there. Zam (noob to our group) called Sanjev for a meetup with Chris to tune up his 120Y running an A15 with DCNF installed! *I may have forgotten to mention that Chris IS the guy to go to for all things running carburetion, he's the carb king!*

We were all awed at his extremely clean looking 120Y and SUPER ORIGINAL oldie goldie! It takes time, patience, and only a purist can maintain such a beauty. *psst - paint costs RM3.5K*

The elusive and rarely seen DCNF 40! Wonderful carb, I used to run it off my 3E Corolla SE. I'd wish he would remove the filter, sounds more GANAS!, but he's quite conservative with his ride. Respect to this purist... *tabik hormat*
Super clean boot area, well enclosed and properly reupholstered.
There's a catch though....
Same thing goes for the interior...
Nothing is spared... Every dang last piece of crooked plastic is replaced and reupholstered to perfection. *Reupholstering exceeds 2 months*

Even the speaker boards were not spared.
His interior-man did a superb job raising the speakers on custom mounts which look flush with the original speaker boards. Kudos!

It then started to rain, but nothing would dampen our spirits... Read on for Part 2


kev said...

super neat datsun, heh. now i wish i have a clean ride like that. i need someone whos good at upholstery

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev: This car really takes patience to build up, you've got to be a real purist to enjoy the drive and to have the patience to upkeep it.

Uphostery fella no probz ler. Come on up to Pg and I'll intro you.