Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Discs, grime and Tim Tams

I was at Christopher's (as usual) this weekend and we were checking the undercarriage for loose items and such since there was not much work on hand, and there was a funny squeaky and knocking sound coming from down there. I was also experiencing vibrations on acceleration :(

The diagnostics came out that I had a slightly worn drive shaft, my passenger side upper arm is worn and my Ferodo discs were cracked!

I'd replaced them with my stock ones for now, which are warped beyond recognition, and deeply grooved beyond commprehension. I'm in the process of looking for a set of twin pot Eterna/Perdana brakes complete with the knuckle. If anyone has one for sale, do let me know. TQ :P

We were also replacing one of two racing, fully solid polymer, mountings that Chris had earlier fabricated for my Perdana. Replaced with an ori rubber mount for civility. *phew* The vibrations were intolerable!

My hands got itchy so I thought I'd take a look at the throttle body since I'd never seen it b4 since I bought my baby. Lo and behold... It was the dirtiest, grimiest, sludge-infested, varnish coated blardy TB that I'd seen... I carefully removed (wiped) the sludge with a cloth, then out came the TB/carb cleaner and I'd used almost a whole bottle to clean that stuff up.

The engine felt so much more responsive and eager to rev right after. It was light on the throttle and major improvements felt.

I went home to a nice surprise, a pal of mine had brought back Tim Tams Double Coat from the Land Down Under (Aus). I still remember these from my past trip there... These fellas are sensational! *slurp* The middle layer of chocolate just melts in your mouth!

Sorry for the lousy pics, my handphone has no form of focusing available :(


Dennis Tan said...

ya can say it's one of the dirtiest TB i ever saw~ omo~
good thing your ferodo didn't break up during kg gajah track day, darn dangerous man~
will let you know if i meet up any twin-pot,


tankae92 said...

That's the dirtiest throttle yet i've see...

It's a good thing i always clean up my FOUR T one...