Friday, July 11, 2008

Stuck on you

The Silver Banana had been scheduled for a new sticker job last month but sadly I was too busy still picking bits and pieces of errs outta its grille.

So last night Tommy of Tommax Stickers called me over to his shop as he'd be there late. As usual, chatting, drinks, and nicotine intake took place. We decided to do the stickers about 11.30p.m. and started tearing off my old ones.

Two designs went in at once...

Those that'll be there for this track day:

Much thanks to Tommy for the late night.
Thanks to Kiong Lee Enterprise for their support and help.
Obligatory stickers all round.
And even on the frontage! I managed to get them to size down though... *phew*
And those that'll be there to stay:

The old sticker was a stubborn bugger and left me with some memoirs of it.

A new design from Tommy was being put on. He did a superb job at curving the sticker along my rear windscreen.
Looks great! I love the curvature Tommy worked in on it.

My service date was almost due (in 400km time), and track day is this weekend, the little extra mileage just isn't worth the gamble. So I visited my main man Christopher (Fer Fer as we call him) during lunch time for a change of fresh engine oil and minor check-ups before the track day.
Most thanks goes to Chris for his support all these years and fantastic guidance. He has no stickers nor logo for me though... Hehehe... Will get him one soon :P


kev said...

neat stickers man, im gonna do a rei sticker soon, i think , i wonder how tommax charges

Choon said...

ei, u sticker sticker lidat, the police will kacau o not?

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev, good job... I'm waiting to view that bro.

Hi Choon, these stickers are only for track day bro. It had been removed since.