Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day of relaxation

Yesterday was a great day of lazing and relaxing... Hanging around and just doing nothing!

I went about Christopher's shop to get my tires changed back to more streetable ones, then to Tommax Stickers to get the decals removed and lazed around the whole day. It started to drizzle about lunch time and rightly so as it was hot as h3ll... Then we spotted this beaut little Mk I Ford Escort. Check out the paint job... It's got HIGHLIGHTS~!
I went home in the evening to a wonderful dinner with my girlfriend, she'd cooked broth on a cool stormy night, something hot and steamy for the palate, wonderful!
We had dinner in front of the TV, eating to the sounds of 300 Spartans!
Not to be left out, here's a pic of this cute little guy we found in the office under my boss' desk last week. Ain't he cute? Dang!


Dennis Tan said...

bro~ your 300 spartian look "cinema" copy leh~

Choon said...

so nice.. spend quality time wit gf doing nothing.. i like that too.. sumore got 300 to watch..

the mouse dead ad ka? or ur pet?

ScAvEnGeR said...

Dennis: My handphone's camera is terrible.

Choon: Quality time ma...

Sadly, the mouse is dead :(

kev said...

lolz that is ford escort la! look at the front man!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Ah... A Mk I.. So it is... Thanks for the pointer.

Post edited.