Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check ups and full day bull session! Part 2

Evening came and so did the rain, but we wouldn't have any of it... The chatter continued into late evening and until all jobs had been completed.

Then I took leave for dinner with my girlfriend, and then some... Rest. My moment of peace was not long lived as I received an SMS and off I set to meet up with MyviClub for their inaugural BBQ session.

I went for more chit-chat and laughs, but no eats coz I'd had my dinner. Had a few puffs with the disappearing Marky Muck and shook hands all round. After a short while, I'd to push off to Gurney Drive to meet up with another group of frenzied touge enthusiasts.
*sorry for the extremely dark pics guys*

We sat at Lan Burger (Gurney round-a-bout) and chatted the night away while waiting for the roads to clear and off we went for a spirited drive! Surprisingly, Zam, Akihito (Edison), Bigshow (Sim), Sanjev, Tommy of Tommax Stickers and his lovely girlfriend, Ah Soon from RABK and his bro were all there to join in on the festivities. This place is a good spot to watch traffic as it has a clear view of the converging point for many roads leading uphill.

We ended the night fashionably with a downhill touge run, and straight home for some VERY well deserved rest!

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