Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday night excursion(s)!

Yesterday (Monday) evening, I'd met up with Tommy to have a short chat on my way back home. Then Chris (my mech) showed up and told me the twin pot brakes are ready to be transported, thing is, I've to be the transport :P

So I'd waited with Tommy at our usual yum cha place, Fantasi Nasi Kandar, whilst Chris got himself prepped and waiting for his contact to call us up. Outta the blue, Akihito-chan (Edison) showed up in his soupped up Satria to join us for drinks and a good laugh. Then Chris called me up to fetch him as its time to go across Pg bridge to get my brakes. Sanjev had arrived as I was leaving (sorry fella) so I'd said my goodbyes coz it was getting late and I was too excited for my 2-pots!

We took a relaxing cruise across Penang Bridge and met up with Chris' contact near 99 (huge auto accs. shop in BM) for a drink and dinner, then got my calipers and rotors off him. It was 11+p.m. by then so we bid him farewell and took leave.

I dropped Chris back for a good rest coz he's an installation to do tomorrow :P And I went home beaming with joy...

I was too excited... So here are some teaser pics from last night... Hmm... I wonder how they'll perform... Pads still look new... Cost saving! :P

The rotors still looked beee-yooo-ti-fulll under all that rust. It was very even with minor deep scratches.

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