Monday, January 19, 2009

Of Cake, TV, and RPM

As a dreadfully hot afternoon was wafting by and after weeks worth of running about, RPM Autoworks, the Northern Touge panel workshop is up and running~!!! Yup, you heard me right.. Renovations had been completed and the Northern Touge network, now have a place to call HOME - welcoming all touge enthusiasts out there.

The "panel clinic" has all the tools needed for performing general services up 'till complete transplants. Heck, it's even got a 25" TV... Just needs a decoder donor to have Astro running.. Any sponsors? :P

Helping out with the banner is our main mechs (L-R) Chun and Joe.

Properly measured and stretched out for best effect.
Super solid install using wall plugs! Six were used :P
The Northern Touge banner is up and flying (not exactly since its held down by wall plugs) its colors.
On the same evening, Hai came over with his "soon-to-be" converted Passo. He already has front lips (for a more personalized look) and huge rims stuck on for kicks...With an accompanying TRD spoiler to boot.
The item he'd come to install were his twin Passo tailgates which would further progress the transfomation. After half an hours' worth of splicing and dicing and we'd gotten it up and running. Beaut aren't they? Welcome to the NT family dude! (Notice the little decal down low)
Then a patient, by the name of Accent, came in the next day with heart troubles. Chun efficiently removed and replaced the timing belt but to no avail. The engine indeed needed a proper looking at, but before proceeding any further we decided to remove the cam cover just to have a look at what's going on in there.
There was all sorts of gunk, grime and clusters of unnamed substances that had clung onto the valvetrain. The engine oil had quite dried off and formed a sort of "gunk-cake" on the valvetrain, seizing it!
The owner has been notified and repairs are progressing swiftly! - R.I.P. little motor... Can you say, Accent WRC??? Hahaha...
Here's a simple site map to where we are:
Feel free to contact RPM Autoworks through the personnel listed below:
Chun 016-4737488 [Older mech]
Joe 016-4326718 [There's a reason we call him "siao kia"]
Fer (Chris) 016-4772663 [He's the tech advisor around here]
ScAvEnGeR 012-4077575 [I'm just here...]


loon said...

i wan to get the mr hai myvi front lower lip on ur post... mind telling where i can get ? i'm at penang also.. how much it cost? thanks!gultiery

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Loon, you sound familiar bro. Anyway, most of all our body parts are sourced from Soon who's working at Mansion II, in Relau, now.

You can always call me up at 012-4077575 and I'll bring you over ;)