Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

It was a lousy week at work and I'd just wanted to get away from it all so I decided to bring my girlfriend to the Tropical Spice Garden up in Teluk Bahang for a short visit to bask in the tranquility of the hills spruced with flora and fauna within.
The entrance to the Spice Garden compiled of beautifully laid granite and arched by creepers.
Rustic looking pergola which the reception is and there's also an available guide to bring you around.
A map is also provided for you to plot your journey of spice discovery.
An extended low-rise platform stretches across the pool that looks out into a vast garden.
Gravel paved paths and wooden bridges plot your walk to spice and flora education.
If you feel like cooling off and refreshing after a thorough walk, follow the tarmac path...
Which overlooks the beach to your left....
And leads to a short flight of stairs...
Which brings you through a Chinese style arch...
And to the Spice Cafe which serves wonderful food which are all natural and healthy. I was there the week before and, curry fish rice and a side of mildly steamed vegetables were served for lunch. The curry was the sour variety and void of santan! Excellent.
You'll see to the right is the souvenir shop selling spices of sorts and a couple of books on Malaysian history. They even sell a map of all historical sites throughout Malaysia.
Here's a frontal view of the shop and you can see huge cinnamon peels that fill the air with their sweet scent.
As you descend from the shop, a scenic sight awaits on the cooling platform on stilts that looks out into the sea.
You'll be able to see the Teluk Bahang coastline to your left...
And the vast expanse of sea to your right and eventually looking out towards Batu Feringghi.

I had the wonderful Spice Tea which I absolutely loved. It has anise star and a couple of other spices with a hint of clove. I also had their signature cookies (which are made fresh) with a multitude and variation of spices. These are simply awesome. I even brought my own tau sar pneah for a little variety :)
Here's a shot which I was just testing my panorama shot on my handphone. Pretty sucky but one's gotta work with what one has right?
'Till next post. Ciao!


Vince said...

Very nice and cozy place. :)
I must bring my family go visit it one day. So when are you gonna get married, good quality girl hard to find nowdays.

ScAvEnGeR said...

It is indeed a beautiful place and tranquil too.

Belum lagi lah. Economy is floundering, we need to boost economy. So buy me a beer.

darius said...

hey scav, i passed by that place when i was there in Pg... and how can you post those beautiful pics of feringgi beach... so tempting la wey... ayo... miss the beach la... bad scav bad scav... hehe... jk...=)

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Darius, tempting isn't it? I love this beautiful Penang we live in and all the touge roads available here. It's as challenging as you can get.

Hope to see you soon bro. Cheers.