Monday, March 9, 2009

The Human De-evolution

The human routine has always been waking up, eating, working, eating, working,... then sleeping. What do I mean? By simply breaking down the daily activities into these simple outlooks and abbreviated activity nomenclatures, and then defining them as a group of tasks, I've found this set of routine to be true since the early existance of homo sapiens. Early man woke, hunted, ate, forage, ate, etc,... We did what we needed to do to survive. The modern man also does the same, we wake to eat and to work, to gain profit to buy what we needed to eat, yet again, to survive!

But with the evolution of technology and the human craving for ease and convenience in this rat race for the finer materials in life, we have somewhat lost as much as we have gained. We have the convenience, but not the conscience. We travel overseas, yet have not seen our own land. We are willing to travel far and wide for shopping and enjoyment, yet do not even step next door to talk to our neighbours!

Why am I blogging this? Well, in this little part of cyberspace I call mine, I hope to reach at least a few whom would re-think and re-assess life as it is.

Dang! "Ponna" deep post... I'm going to be the Dalai Lama some day :P

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