Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who's the bigger loser?

There's a bet going on between my buddy and I whereby both of us will go on our routines and diet plans to see whom will lose more poundage in a month (ending on 3/Apr/09). Both of us weighed in yesterday, my pal at 104kgs and I at "paltry" 111kgs. Massive right?!?!?!

I've gotten to start up on my exercise routine again from whence I had a 42-34-36 figure from my national sports days, participating in the MSSM (Majlis Sukan Sekolah-sekolah Malaysia). Phew! Training at Wellesley's athletic centre was killer, with cardio and power workouts aplenty.

Meals have to be light and nutricious, workouts will be hectic and tapping into my psyche after so long will be a challenge on its own. So this morning, I got up at 6a.m. and started off my month of "lent" with some light workout followed by a shower and breakfast.

This is what I had for as a measly excuse for breakfast. Some oats and bran (horses can, why not I, right?) for the heart and banana for its digestible carbohydrates, natural sugar content and potassium.
And the pic below is what I'd packed for lunch. A little carb to keep me going and a whole lotta roughage to cleanse out whatever crap that's been accumulating in my colon.
This bet is of course just a placebo to kick start a healthier living regime since my buddy has a baby coming soon and I'm just plain obese! Even so, I don't think power training is the way to healthier living. Anyone got better workout regimes for fast calorie burns and increased athleticism???


Anonymous said...

losing the bet gets to treat the winner for two buckets in RNB ... wooohoooo!!!!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey buddy, that kinda defeats our purpose right? So cannot. So how about the loser treats two meals at a healthy restaurant.

Low sugar and sodium intake will be best. Ya?

DoriX said...

huh can i join in as well?????

ScAvEnGeR said...

No problem bro. Come on in and join us anytime :) But you're two days behind liao la.

DoriX said...

nvm i believe i can do it

ScAvEnGeR said...

That's the spirit DoriX, perseverence is the most common breaking point!

Anonymous said...

2 suggestions

1) play badminton 4 hours a day. doesnt have to be 4 hours a session. Split in 2 is best and dont sit on the bench to rest for long periods! Keep going!. My colleague changed from waist 35 to 33 in a month!

2) If you have the dough, cheat a little and take some diet replacement meals. They are a little on the expensive side, but its the least strenous. Pay attention to the directions they give. Some are bloody outrageos!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Woah dude, the badminton sounds serious wei! 4 hours a day is massive. Stroking would be fine, but matches would kill! Plus, I'm doing around 2 hours gym (cardio and weights) with 1/2 hour of swimming every alternate day.

I don't really believe in this meal replacement strategy. You're getting more processed foods into your system.

As I'd mentioned before, this routine is for our health more than it is for slimming.