Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunny Saturday Session

Benjamin, whom had just got his DCNF fixed at RPM Autoworks, had called me up that his throttle was too loose and throttle control was just horrible. So we met up at Tommax, and I took him downtown to our fav spring-maker (I was really into carbs previously) to get a couple of springs with different tension, to stiffen his accelerator pedal, for him to test out.
We proceeded to Kiong Lee to customize a pair of brackets for the springs and I chose the spring that allowed a little slack on take-up, and linear tension throughout the entire pedal travel for him and it Ben was as happy as a squirrel with an acorn.
Did I even mention that his Sunny's paint is just immaculate? Coz it is! Snuggled within the engine bay is where the E13 still resides and pulling strongly with the wider torque curve, compliments of the Weber carb.
Ben had found, with patience and lots of determination, a beautiful set of chromed extractors for his beloved ride.
I was given the privilege to sample this blast from the past. We took the Tun Sardon hill at speeds exceeding 100km/h and the Sunny, although running on unmatched aprings and dampers, was balanced beyond my belief.
Even though it was on 14" touring tires, the car felt so natural to drive exceedingly fast. I just had to enter really hot, lift off for oversteer or LFB for a little more grip up front and I was actually countersteering at one of the corners going downhill! I miss driving my Weber, the throttle control and unlimited fuelling is just to die for.

Benjamin grew a new love for his Sunny and we had a good, filling lunch at Kassim Mustafa (which has the best sambal nyiur around, got 2 types summore!). I gave him some suggestions on his driving and feedback on his brakes fading intensively throughout the run.
There are not many choices for the Sunny and its unfeasible to change the braking system but Ben, being Ben, immediately went and got himself a set of Bendix pads and met us for touge that very night! Hahaha... Cheers to you bro for maintaining a prime example of the Nissan backbone of so many years. Oooh... Ben is also Mark's cousin. Both into touge and both driving metallic green cars :P

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