Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Midship Runabout Spyder

Toyota's Midship Runabout model (MR2) has been around for quite a while and I for one have always had a fondness for it. From the introduction of the AW11, models available from a 1.5L 80bhp engine right up to 150bhp supercharged version, it's range was indeed diverse. With the gain in popularity, Toyota further proceeds to model the SW20, with its 3S-GTE, was a fire breathing 260bhp rocket, and was dubbed the poor man's Ferrarri as it was made to look close to an F355!

The final and current model is the MR2 Spyder (commonly known locally as MRS) is my fav by far. It may lack the nostalgia of the AW11 and the thrust of the SW20, but this baby handles as if on rails and the lack of its inherent oversteer charachter is a welcome trait. Although only putting out a lukewarm 140bhp, but with only a scant 975kg to pull, its acceleration is commendble with a 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5secs.
I'd been dying to try out this anorexic machine and what an opportunity it was when one visited us at RPM Autoworks for servicing. The owner was kind enough to allow me a sit in! It was a wonderful feeling in the drivers' seat, with the steering well in reach whilst your legs are horizontally outstretched. Although, I'd risk to mention that anyone over 6 feet would have a little trouble due to space constraints. But what the heck, it's a drop-top :P
Everything was meticulously engineered and unlike the Elise, the MR2 has amenities and simple luxuries thus the extra 200kgs.
Even the spare tire is meticulously covered under the "bonnet" coz the "boot" houses the engine.

Kudos dude for the excellent car! Hope to see you again soon.


DoriX said...

hohoho MRS nicez, drove once before even with the light chassis i still feel that Toyota might do a better job by giving the stock engine more punch, that will definitely pls the owner/driver even more

ScAvEnGeR said...

I agree, but still, I have to say that the balance of the car is just superb.

One can adjust the under/over steer with just throttle control alone :)

darius said...

i love the MRS la scav, not a MR2 fanatic though... always would love to have one MRS with wide bodykit... keep it for weekend drives only... hehe...

ScAvEnGeR said...

No doubt, Darius. No doubt at all.

Who wouldn't right? Fun little weekend car that's cheap to maintain and even cheaper to run.

DoriX said...

hehe the power of rear wheel drive vehicle

ScAvEnGeR said...

Ya man... I'd love to have an MR, even if just for the experience.

I'm still missing out on MR and 4WD driving experience. I'm dying to do some mileage in one of each.