Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Waneful Workout Woes

I hit the gym again yesterday, completing multiple sets of lifts, curls, crunches, presses, runs and resistance cycling. It was definitely a great workout, even though it took me only one hour to complete the entire regime. After which, I took some time to cool off, as we do after a hot lap :P, and hit the pool for some laps.

I was home shortly after that and pondering over dinner, slacking like a bag of potatoes, how much strain I was able to impose on myself. My arms felt like lead, legs were non-existant, and my chest was still burning (probably with lactic acid build up). I concluded that, sadly, I am only a fraction of my former physical self with little stamina and power left in me. Where once I could press 100kgs, 40 was already stressing me now. A massive term of slack and loads of unhealthy foods from my yesteryears have deteriorated and reduced me to my current state.

Haih... So sad... Time to buck up and pick up the trail from whence I'd left off. Hello whey protein, and bye bye carbs!

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