Monday, March 9, 2009

Eat like a Caveman

I'd been reading this interesting article online and it mentions the life expectancy of our ancestors in comparison to our generation. Whilst we have the convenience of fast food and processed food that can be stored over months at a time, these foods only mean to fill our bellies without much nutrition. The preservatives involved in the curing and flavorings added are just immense.
By going back to the way our ancestors ate we can alleviate many of the causes of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. This type of diet is also believed to drastically reduce incidents of cancer.
Thus the article writes of an eating routine that means, we eat what the human species evolved (or was created) to eat, before man learned how to place a seed in the ground or dig a crude irrigation ditch. Or very simply, as Hunter-Gatherer perhaps best describes the Caveman diet. If you can kill it or pick it, then that is what you eat.
This is exactly what our pre-agriculture ancestors ate. In this type of diet any and all meat, including fish, poultry, beef, pork, etc. is on the menu. Also, most items that can be picked and eaten WITHOUT cooking, such as fruits and vegetables, are also on the menu. What we avoid is processed foods, added sugars, excessive salt and dairy products.
So here's what I had over the weekend. Some vegetables without sauce, or oatmeal with raisins for breakfast. Those are low-sodium raisins, mind you.
Mom made me an excellent salad after my gym stint. It had lettuce, watercrest, tomatoes, capsicum, onions (for extra zest) and sliced grapes. Dressing was light with only a drizzle of vinegar.
On Saturday, I brought my cousin on a day out with me. We caught a movie and despite light snacking on cashewnuts and mineral water, we were famished! I visited Azuma (right above Borders at Queensbay) again after my delightful meal there for Valentine's and they did not dissapoint.
My cousin had his share off the Kaiten belt and I enjoyed mackerel grilled with salt and all the vegs and fruit you see here in the set. I find myself liking this fish very much. It's lean meat and slight fat just below the skin has a superb texture to it and I've very much acquired this taste.
A little sinning never hurt anyone aye? I kept my encounter with the rice..."short" (pun intended)!

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