Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We are on ZTH~!!!

After a fair amount of waiting... The Dato Sagor Track in Kampung Gajah, Perak is featured on!!!

You can refer to their write up here. There are also lots of pics of the event and its many participants. Fantastic coverage.


Much thanks to Adam, Tom, Keshy, and the beautiful Angeline that day for the coverage and write up. Much appreciated!


Heaven's Cloud said...

Hi ya bro, congratz =) But i didnt see you silver banana pics inside it =p

Thanks for linking up with me, i already linked with u too =) It is nice to see that we are not alone xD

Yeah actually we kinda planned to go Penang for a 3 days trip becoz we are interested with the Balik Pulau course that we read somewhere in someone else blog =) But right now, shit happened, and the car is stuck in the workshop =(

So when we planned to go there, i'll be sure to contact u bro, as we also might need some experienced mechanics just in case *touchwood* >_> Will be looking forward for a friendly touge session =)

ScAvEnGeR said...

The silver banana was featured, but zoomed in pics. The sticker of the track layout is on Silver's third quarter window, and the close-up shot of the "" is on Silver's rear fender.

You're welcome bro.

I bet you read it at Tougeking's blog eh? The drama queen... Cis! Hope to see you fellas soon. I'll bring you around that course, no worries.

We got a few mechs here on standby, in fact my mech follows me up most of the time, just in case lor... Hehehe... No biggie.

Heaven's Cloud said...

Oh ya, now i realized, your number plate is at the back of the sticker haha

Eh? Drama Queen? Why is he called like that? Haha, that is reassuring =) Once the car broke down at Ipoh. No mechanic know how to deal with FC, so had to leave there for a week.

Heh, i hope so too. At the mean time, gonna polish our skills so at least we won't fall too behind from you guys =)

ScAvEnGeR said...

He's calles as such because he IS a drama queen... Celaka fella cannot drive unless he makes it a dramatic one!

I really hope to see you here for the Teluk Bahang touge ya... Cheers!