Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm back... So's Ben from Ukraine!

It's been a slow week past and lots have happened... So sorry for not updating in all this time as office was super busy as well, let alone social obligations. Many Chinese couples are hurrying to be wed as the Chinese 7th month (Month'o'Ghoulies - Kinda like Halloween, but lasting a month!) approaches... The ang pows (red packets filled with $$$ traditionally given by invitee as token of thanks) given out... Phew!

Well, my god bro Ben got back from Ukraine with Catfish whiskers for hair as barber costs there are extravagant. He'd not changed at all.... Maybe skinnier due to lack of nutrition (another form of luxury... ) :P
As always, its customary for him to get me some unusual looking fags/ciggies... This round he'd bought a ciggie that had a long filter with an indent called Parliament, and a super smooth ciggie from Kent (which it had lived up to its reputation) called the Nanotek series. The packing of the Kent ciggies were beaut!
I was trying to get a pic of the embossed Kent letters... Dang the wrapping and sorry for the Pall Malls next to it :P).
Oh, did I mention it was a super slim? Kewl innit?

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