Thursday, June 5, 2008

Of fuel, monkeys and ministers

I was about to leave the office last night and decided to do a final check on the fuel hike rumours I'd been getting SMS'd the whole day.

I went online to Malaysiakini and its reported that the price of fuel will rise to RM2.70
Even NST had reported this price hike for fuel!

Then it hit me that millions of lemmings living all around will be rushing for a refuel causing massive jams and super long waits in traffic. Is the savings you get per tank worth all the danger and angst you have to put up with? Sheesh!!!

Anyways, further reading was in order and I'd gone through a lot of articles and finally saw this in a forum. I like this dude for saying, in my own summation, "If the gov expects the rakyat (citizen) to pay real world price for fuel, they should also pay real world price for cars, not the artificially high price as is!" Damn it! We're already paying for more than the subsidised petrol up front! The public is paying for it like buying raffles for charity... Without hopes of return!!!

It is not the price of fuel that scares me, it's the repercussions that it brings with it. Imagine food costs increase (major concern), household items raised through the roof, and everyday needs unaffordable to the laymen.

There had been talks of the subsidy program which is unlikely to kick off anytime soon since no system nor framework had even been DECIDED upon, let alone constructed. Or they're being very coy and discreet about it seeing that no form of media had firm data to present at present.

With the removal of the petrol subsidy, the gov's excuse was that other countries are paying international prices whilst we enjoy the subsidised rate. What they fail to see is that other countries have the option of public transport and superb facilitation for their "rakyat"s ease of mobility. We on the other hand have hot and stuffy busses, improperly maintained taxis, bad mannered drivers, and it goes without mention... Their schedules are just USELESS!!!

How will the gov make up for this increase in LIVING COST? Are they just trying to milk their cash cows (us, the "rakyat") dry? Or had they been in office for way too many terms and just trying to make their way out from national affairs???

The gov cannot afford fuel subsidy but can afford a RM 100Mil project to renovate the Parliament building (which leaked thereafter), RM 40Mil to send a monkey into space and dub him "Angkasawan", multiple billions more ringgit bailing out "certain" companies of "interest", and all our Ministers are pottering around in luxurious German automobiles and spending lavishly!

Bullshit I say!!!

Feel free to drop me any views.


laosan (ラオサン) said...

Fortunately i have to install NGV, for the time being I am not a very great impact. But the next day on the more difficult to track.

ScAvEnGeR said...

Aiks... Diam-diam ubi go install NGV a? You sure you can tahan the power loss or not? Hahaha...

As for track events, as long as you're there to enjoy and participate, I'm sure it'll still be a great event.

laosan (ラオサン) said...

i install Mercedes Benz W123, now i running 1km just 8sen only hehe...

ScAvEnGeR said...

Oh my god... That IS very low running cost indeed.

Hmm... Gears turning... Lightbulb clicks!

We'll talk more soon. I want more info on this :P