Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Open Track Day at Dato' Sagor Track!

Hi all, I've a confirmed date, 13th JULY 2008, for the open track day which will be held at the Dato' Sagor Track.

Date: 13th July 2008
Time: 9a.m. till the sun goes down, your car breaks down, or until you break down!
Venue: Dato' Sagor Track, Kg. Gajah, Perak.
Fees: RM150.00 per car, per driver.

Honestly, the food sucks, but you wouldn't be free to think of your tummy anyways... There's too much fun to be had.. Hah! But for the greater good, there will be a buffet line this round.

As before, there will be a mini race again in the afternoon. But this time, I'll be organising it to ensure fairer proceedings. And TROPHIES will be awarded to the winner for bragging rights and just to plainly SHOW-OFF!

I'd confirmed the date ASAP this time round so that participants will have at least a month to prep your cars and save up for the event. I hope you guys will do so to maximise your fun on track!

Cheers mate! And see you at the track!


kev said...

i think im definitely going, lol. now to decide which car to bring, hmmm. anywhos, i have a jvc digital video camera with 32x zoom and a tripod. i wonder if i can make extra money funding my trackday, by making a video of at least all the competitions :D. maybe rm10 per dvd isn't so bad after all, lol, what do u think scav

ScAvEnGeR said...

Great to hear that bro. I hope to see you there in whichever machine you compete with.

DVDs sound great as a personal record item but how would you compete if you're busy recording? Plus, I don't think you can get that many buyers la.

kev said...

lol, just record the main events. im sure there are some good friends in the track that can help record or some sort. hahah

ScAvEnGeR said...

Try talk to TK and seek his advise. Better la...

Dennis Tan said...

good la. At least we won't mumble around that no one take our video. Ho ho. I'll lay one order first kev.

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Kev, your first order! Maybe not that bad after all yea?