Monday, June 2, 2008

Engine, radiator, and tires

After the recent flurry of events, I'd forgotten to take pics and update on my engine condition.

Last Saturday, after a brief touge session with some friends, I'd decided to see my old mech Ah Loon to change out the engine lube as I'd successfully clocked 1000+km just below a week!

As always, I just went for semi-snythetic oils and the Castrol Magnatec was my choice this round as it was relatively in my budget and it came with a free trunk (boot) organizer :P

Once the oil was drained and replaced, we fired up the old lady and Ah Loon's friend was listening to the popping sound at my exhaust. We checked and the conclusion was that I had been using the wrong sized plugs all along! The previous owner changed them without checking properly. I'll be getting them replaced in the near future as I'd already busted my budget.

The radiator was bubbling which either meant the engine head didn't fit properly or the radiator is clogged. So I hope its the latter and will be removing it next weekend for cleaning and reinstalling it with fresh coolant for good measure.

Once I got home, I turned my steering to full lock when parked and did a simple check on my tires. The rears are about time to give way and the fronts are almost worn out.

Haiz... Time for tires change again... Down lor!!!

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