Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Abnormally quiet!

I thought I'd just like to post up a bump since its been so long since any activities were carried out and social activities are grinding to a halt. I guess most are still trying to recover from the petrol price increase thus affecting all other amenities in every aspect of our lives. There has not been a touge in almost a week now, and nightly outings are scarce if not few. We are conforming more and more to routine life as we know it.. Wake up, work, get off work, go to bed... Repeat and repeat and repeat...

I read some bad news stating that the rebate is only a one time deal. We're rebated only ONCE, and in light of the current economic situation... Sad to say that many families will suffer and the need to tighten up our already constricting belts would cause much distress. I certainly hope there would not be another increase of fuel prices, which seems imminent. Haih... Time to quote my fav. sad-ness phrase... DOWN-loh!!!

Well, I guess my investing in a home entertainment system a few months back, at the cost of getting an e-manage installed in my Silver Banana, was the right choice eh?

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