Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blackout touge!

I'd just thought of an interesting story of a touge run I did just a little while back.

I'd gone up the touge with Tommy and Daniel just for shits and giggles as we were bored outta our skulls.

We'd taken the usual forward route past Batu Feringghi and into Teluk Bahang, and as usual, we'd stopped by the dam for some smokes and a chat. Just shortly after, it was getting late and it was a weekday, so we took the Balik Pulau route home as it was nearer and convenient for all three of us.

Tommy was in the lead as he'd wanted to try the feeling of being the lead car, I was lined up behind him and Daniel followed suit.

After turn three, Daniel thought it'd be funny to follow me in the pitch black darkness without any lights on. Daniel suddenly dissapeared from all my mirrors as he switched off the lights (ala Initial D), even though he was right behind. I could hear him, but I couldn't see anything!

Just a few corners on and I thought, "Hey, it'd be fun if Daniel couldn't see me as well. My.. My... What fun we'd have!". So I switched off all my lights too. Poor Tommy had a shock and had slowed down, ever so little, just to realize we were fooling around.

I followed suit as Tommy continued to gun the touge and Daniel was in the darkness behind. I had a shot as Tommy understeered and an opening was available. We did it Initial D style and I switched on my lights just as I was passing Tommy, if only just for kicks!

It ended with me in the lead (lights on liao la!), followed by Daniel (still persistent with his lights off), and Tommy was happily cruising at the rear.

We stopped by the curb for a smoke and some story telling, reaccounting the events that had just taken place. Sweet!


Touge King said...

Wow, sounds a little dangerous but loads of fun!!! Maybe we can pull this off at the Cameron Highlands touge too ;)

ScAvEnGeR said...

It was super fun... Just that you need to be VERY familiar with the route to pull this stunt off.

Good luck with the run. I hope you get a vid of it as our run was impromptu and no-one had a cam handy :(

Dennis Tan said...

crazy ar, dangerous one man. you all thought it's funny playing on road meh.

that what i would said if i wasn't a petrol head :P and this would be what i wanna said :

Cool dude. i done that before during my trip to Kg gajah (my head light relay fall off :P) really should do that again someday ^.^

kev said...

lol yeah i tried that a while ago when i was in australia, when some caucasian men was tryinig to chase me, whilst i was defending some white ladies, lol. since i knew the route well, after sending so many pizzas, i totally lose their 3.8 v6 holden commodore, lol. haha, dumbass

ScAvEnGeR said...

Dennis : You suck! If you weren't a petrolhead.
Right on bro! For what you wanna say :)

Yo Kev, do you realize that if they catch you, you're gonna get the "big stick"~! Hahaha...

David said...

I also wan join can ar? Me newbie so dun bully me so hard k :P

ScAvEnGeR said...

Sure you can join bro! We're just a group of friends enjoying the touge... Gimme a call anytime to meet up and have a TT session.

My contact is 012-4077575

p.s. We dun bully ppl la... Just follow some simple logics such as to allow any faster driver behind to pass, do not overtake traffic at blind corners, and don't push if you're the slightest bit un-confident!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Oh bro... You can also see a lot of touge friends at my initial group

These are my very good friends from back when I started driving.

I've also met some new friends on I'm also still new there and they're a lively bunch.