Monday, June 16, 2008

July 13th Open Track Day Updates

Due to overwhelming response, you track driving enthusiasts will be able to have fun on July 13th, 2008! Every driver will have his chance in winning over RM4xxx (U$1xxx) worth of prizes, courtesy of Red Line Oil (fully synthetic top of the line blood you can feed your car), Ultra Racing (the ultimate in chassis strengthening), in conjunction with Autoria (your friendly Toyota dealer).

More info:
1) Event starts at 9am and ends at 5.30pm
2) Pre-payment required
3) Trophies for winners of the mini-race provided!
4) Mini-race is divided into:
Open class


1) Passenger and Driver of a car MUST WEAR HELMETS.
2) Car must be in good condition with working brakes, and not leaking fluids.
3) Participation in the mini-race is voluntary.
4) Grid designation for the mini-race will be contingent on your best lap.

1) RM150 per car per driver.
2) Free buffet lunch included for paid drivers.
3) If you are new to the track, an experienced driver will be assigned as your track guide for free.

There will be magazine coverage, so we'll see you there, in whatever you wear! :P
p.s. For registration for all you fellas out there, please feel free to call whichever liaison convenient to you at :
ScAvEnGeR : 012-4077575 (Penang)
Tougeking : 016-5066600 (Ipoh)
Tan : 012-4453535 (Seberang & Parit Buntar)
Calven : 0164442332 (Seberang & BM)


David said...

Where is this track lah? In Penang ar? Maybe i wanna go there test just 4 fun can ar?

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi David, this track is in Perak. Sure you can bro. We're all there for fun anyways, and it's always good to have some experience on track.

You can contact me on the number listed if you're interested bro.

Hope to see/hear from you soon bro!