Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Snappy one is glad to bring you another offer, this one on pipes, from our sponsor.
Kiong Lee Penang, situated at Bukit Jambul right next to Kayu Nasi Kandar, has prepared great deals and offers for the performance enthusiast going for the Northern Touge Race Day this year end.
Pipes, extractors, resonators and mufflers. You name it, they've got it... At the very least, it can be ordered for you.
With great workmanship, reasonable pricing and friendly service (although not at all times, we all get cranky on the job aye?), it's the place go for all your piping work.
Just spec them on power gains or mid RPM improvement, they're on the job.
Cheers and happy motoring!


kev said...

lol, and im sure u saw the exhaust tip, im awaiting the amg mid and rear box from KL. haha, that be the ultimate mix mash

ScAvEnGeR said...

Of course buddy, I'm sure it'll work wonders for your aural pleasure!

Happy "DJ-ing" your automotive farts! :P

kev said...

wait till u hear on the classic i just recently acquire, lol



short wheelbase makes it good for autokhana aye


ScAvEnGeR said...

Isn't that the one you went to see up North last week or so? You actually got it?

Excellent dude! Post it up bro!

kev said...

you asked for it, lol


ScAvEnGeR said...

Awesome car dude... And I love the redline figure on that little K-car.

Good luck and perseverance for your restore. Every restorer will need it...