Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Of the Black Bitch and Doughnuts

The Hairy One's (Ah Soon) Black Bitch had been MIA for some time so I popped on over to check up on him just to see if all's well. What came to me was a half empty engine bay...
And a disassembled tranny (transmission/gearbox) laying sprawled across the shopfloor.
Soon did a DIY gearbox bearing swap! So proud of him! Upon completing the process, where else to better test the fittings than at the T_ _G_.... C'mon, you guys know where :P
All's well and fine and Soon was brimming from ear to ear.
Something completely irrelevant: I was at Pranging meeting up with secondary school friends last weekend and I came across this doughnut shop called Bloggers! I hadn't had the chance to try it out yet since we were passing it on our way back from lunch.
This place would definitely be a place I'd like to visit some time. We're too full of Big Apple and Krispy Kremes :(


kev said...

big apple and krispy kreme is under the same management group, berjaya corp, lol. yeah i used to work for the same group too, haha, u mobile that is. every where u eat or see its usually berjaya, lol maybe even insurance

ScAvEnGeR said...

Ya bro, everywhere you look, it's the same group under different branding.

And as their name suggests, Berjaya is growing to be a corporate giant set on engulfing multiple sectors. It's mind-boggling!