Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Xenta Absenta

I'd like to kick off my first post after a long absence with a hearty "SELAMAT HARI RAYA" to all my Muslim readers and I'm sure it was a much appreciated break for all non-Muslim kakis as well!
The Chinese 7th month is a busy month for us with all the prayers everywhere and temples to visit. It's blitzes past kinda like after having absinthe... It's just as blurry and hallucinetic.
Secondly, I'd like to thank my "brother from another mother", Ben, for the excellent bottle of Absinthe from Ukraine!
Let me take you back to the start of the 7th month... We started off with prayers in the office, as usual, for the first day, fifteenth day and the last day of the Chinese 7th month. As we were waiting for a couple of fellas to arrive, we thought it'd be fun to fool around with the new RM50.00 bill.
This one's a little off...
And Perfect-o!
But I still think Wei was the funniest match up.
The offerings, and our eventual dinner, had arrived and setup was crucial.

The prayers going on and Silver's sound system was used as a makeshift "ko tai" playing Hokkien songs all evening.
Our Manager chopping up some roast pork for us, which I eventually took over the job... Since all the best bits go to the one chopping. Hehe..
Our resident "sai gong" doing his thing!

Then back home to have prayers at home to honor and thank our ancestors, kinda like thanksgiving, in a morbid way.Our family heirlooms of beautifully handcrafted batik porcelain.
Baba Nyonya dishes all laid out in rows.

Fast forward a couple of days.. My girl worked up some courage and modelled for a hair show, organized by Penang Hairdressers Society (or something like that :P). The Northern Touge group was there for support and it was a PRETTY fun event for us save for a couple of guys that kinda look like "not guys". *Hehehe*
"Pai seh" for the lousy pic, I was seated wa-a-a-a-a-y back, and you can see the crowd that was present! Dang!!!
After that loud and deafening event, I decided to spend a serene weekend away from it all. I went home to my parents' place for a couple of relaxed and zen days. But a BBQ was inevitable as everyone was around this weekend. So we gathered at granny's and had a fiesta.
KL Unc's excellent Angel Hair Alia Oglio.
Big Aunt's zingy Tater'N'Egg salad
Mom's superb lamb chop... You ain't never tasted anything like this!
Our spread of standard food items for the pit... Zero level of customization here, and naturally, last to go and only after all the "specialties" were done with.
The entire family was out enjoying ourselves downright silly... And yes, Silver was utilised once again for the sounds.
We also had garden salads and a variety of finger foods for the children.
After a fulfilling meal, I went around roaming one on of my relaxing drives and came across a beautiful example of a Volvo. This has got to be one of the best one I've seen so far.
This is actually the first Volvo I've come across that I couldn't get my eyes off it!!!
I fealt unappeased somehow, then it struck me, I hadn't ridden Silver yet. I picked up my reins and "hey ho Silver, away", for a cruise along the beaches. I met a 911 Turbo along the drive and after turning into one of the newer developed areas, I caught sight of a beautiful 430 Scuderia! At which point my air conditioning "konked" out on me. But a few timely pics were called for.

Rear end raucuous, check out those pipes placement!

So I sped off to RPM, I can't live without air-conditioning (not in Penang anyway), to find that everyone was there as well. I spent a lazy afternoon at RPM only to diagnose that it was just a loose wire. Phew!
Soon was fixing some leaks and Daniel helped Soon clean up his engine bay. Daniel couldn't stand the sight of a dirt encrusted bay.

Ewe Jin was just hanging and doing some DIY on his new toy....
Which he damaged by disconnecting the air gun without holding on to it.. Hahaha... Er.. Oops, I mean... Aww.... *sad*

Finally, we had a peaceful, and thankfully, uneventful sunday relaxed and just plain chillin' at Kiong Lee's

It has been an exquisitely long post this time around and I'd just like to close by sharing with you, my dear readers, what I found at Prangin Mall a couple of months back.
A donut stand called Bloggers! How cool is that?


Juan said...


RPM.. Hmm. Still looking for it. Found Kiong Lee. Northen Garage. But not RPM.
Do you guys work on fast cars only? My humble Potong has probs but repair guy say it's nothing. I'm not sure if they're really correct..

darius said...

nice post scav... damn that volvo is addictive... they have he length and with proper kits, it really stands out...

and that F430... damn... drooling over it la... huhu...

mesh said...

i see that f430 scuderia near my area often..but the number plate is now on an Audi R8 silver in colour..the r8 also cruises by my housing area often too..

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Juan, RPM is just right opposite Bukit Jambul complex.

All cars started stock bro. But get to know us and join in on a few touge sessions and you'll soon see, its the drivers that are fast, not the cars ;) We're mostly driving Protons anyway.

If you're unsure, I can get my mech Fer to help you take a look at it. He's a really good mech.

Do give me a call if you've got any worries or if you'd wanna meet up. RPM is open till around 8p.m. daily.

My HP No. 012-4077575

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Darius, nice to see you again :)

I was really shocked to see that there are Volvo connoiseurs locally. But yeah, I really couldn't pry myself away from it then.

The F430 Scud is just to die for!!!

ScAvEnGeR said...

Mesh, you live in an awesome neighbourhood dude.

Thanks for introducing me to the Lambos at TAR.

W.H. said...

Darn it, a 430 Scuderia in Penang but I have never bumped into one. So many nice cars on a small island...


ScAvEnGeR said...

WH.. Bro..~! Nice to hear from you again. How's things been going for you and the Z?

Yeah, Penang is an industrial hub with port facilities so you can expect many cool cars around town.

kev said...

theres a ferrari f430 in kampar too. well its the normal version, but for such a small town like this to have one, its downright unbelievable. anyways i am now at sibu, gonna hang out with stanleycarter, peace

Dennis Tan said...

lol~ if not mistaken then Volvo was running on 6-pots WP caliper and 330mm rotor at front right~ XD if it's it's my friend's car~ fufufufu~

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Kev, amazing that Kampar has one. What are you doing in Sibu dude? I read his blog a couple of times. Sounds like an interesting guy bro. Have fun.

ScAvEnGeR said...

Excellent car bro. Hope to meet him someday.

Remember to come for the launch party ya. 14-10-2009

mesh said...

there is another f430 scuderia roaming around in colour with white racing stripe..

i agree on the fact that there are some AWESOME cars around my place..