Monday, August 3, 2009

Fermented Tea?!?!?!

I've read of the Kombucha vitality drink for some time and had always wanted to brew my own batch. I lucked out last week and a colleague of mine gave me a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) and a starter culture to kick off my first batch of Kombucha.

Preparation of the brew must be done with extreme care and cleanliness need to be observed. Clean everything that comes in contact with the SCOBY. Heat up 3 litres of water and stir in 200grams of brown sugar. Once all the sugar dissolves, bring the solution off heat and steep 4-5 tea bags (I used green tea) to preference. Once the solution cools, pour into a clean container (to ensure no vapor forms on the SCOBY infused brew).Cover the top with a porous material, of either fabric or fibre. I used kitchen towels which is used to allow the SCOBY to breathe.
In fear of suffocation, I punctured a few more holes in the "cover" just in case.

Now leave in a cool dry place (preferably 27-32 degrees Celcius) for a week to two and pour (sieve) into small containers and place in the refrigerator to enjoy a cool refreshing drink.


danial said...

wow seems so much work just for a drink lol

ScAvEnGeR said...

It's really very simple, just boil water with sugar and steep tea in it.

Just make sure all containers and any other utensils to come in contact with the tea is sterile.

Hopefully the effects are well worth the effort, I've another 5 days of fermentation left ;)

Danial said...

hahaha tell me how it tastes later lol

ScAvEnGeR said...

It's sour as heck but it helps cleanse our system. So should be good... I guess... :P *blek*

Anonymous said...

you can add fruit juice and sugar to serve the tea makes a great fizzy beverage

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey there fella, care to intro yourself?

Thanks for the tip, hard to find a fellow kombucha enthusiast! How's your brew working for you?

Anonymous said...


I'm Sue from Kuching and surfing for Kombucha in the net when I came across your site. Are you still consuming this brew? I'm interested in brewing my own Kombucha for health reasons but cant find any kombucha babies.

Can you spare some kombucha baby and mail it to me, will gladly pay you the postage cost etc?

Thanks and Rgs, sue

P/s:My email, will be glad to hear from you.

ScAvEnGeR said...

I'm sorry Sue, my scoby died off already due to some hectic schedule and lack of care for it.