Monday, August 17, 2009

Bashful Blue Babe joins the NT Family

I got a call from Chun that another buddy will be joining the Norther Touge family with hurried intent. I arrived to the sight of a bashful blue babe hidden in a dark corner waiting for its engine mounts to be fabricated and installed.
Our new buddy will be running a 4A-GE 20Valve Blacktop under its bonnet! (As you can see from the overexposed picture below) I've always only imagined how this setup will run and here it is, right before my eyes. It should be a super smooth touge monster with its lightened internals and its advanced VVT-i system should pose more than a worthy threat to the usual touge kaki.

Check out all 4 of the ITBs (independant throttle body) just gleaming to be opened WOT (wide open throttle). Can't wait for a test drive! See ya soon buddy!


mesh said...

i likey!! ;-)

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey Mesh, I likey too... I can't wait to test it out!!!