Monday, August 24, 2009

Of events and Northern Touge

Northern Touge will be holding an event this year end and I guarantee you an update once the posters are up. Although, I'm glad to see the entire Penang already buzzing with this news wave (new has reached down till KL thanks to the Blue Imp for making it happen) even before the official "press release" happening right here on the Snappy one's blog! Be sure of more categories, more opportunities and awesome (but friendly lah!) competition!
I'm glad to see such enthusiastic response and undying support from all Penangites. Also, much thanks to the sponsors for their support, merchandise, and service. My heartiest gratitude to you all!

It's time to start prepping your drivers and cars, one and all, it's gonna be a blast of an event!

*Keep posted right here on the Snappy blog for event updates*

You can also contact Leng or myself for participant registration or drop me a comment on the blog or meet up with our team for sponsorship and marketing opportunities.
Leng: 012-575 7555
ScAvEnGeR: 012-407 7575


kev said...

could volunteer for the posters if u want to, as i did before for other track days in kg gajah, lol

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev, I deeply appreciate your offer bro but we've actually got a Design team, from Camo3 (one of our sponsors), working on the posters and marketing.

Thanks a lot and I'll keep your gesture in mind and heart.

Cheers bro!