Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Northern Touge... Central Chapter :P

Our Central (Malaysia) Chapter members (che wah!) called up and told us they were coming up to Northern Touge HQ (Pg la of course) so Daniel (Touge Monk) made a few short calls to the fellows and we had a TT organized in no time.
As we were going to meet up, The Monk called up and relayed to us that Shaz (Blue Imp) was running on a steel to rotor brake setup. So Fer and I went on over to Northern Garage to get a set of pads for him and we met up to install these.
Fer, being his usual helpful self, installing the brake pads onto those beeautiful Brembo calipers with Shaz and better half looking on. Awesome! I want my brakes to grow up like those :P
This dude is what you call a driver... He's ran the paint off those rims! Check out the discoloration!!!
A couple of drinks and a simple photo shoot was in order as it was getting late and it was a weekday. Great times! We should definitely do it again.
(L-R): ScAvEnGeR, Raj (Yup.. He's the Merc!), The Monk (Civic EK), Blue Imp (DC5) and Short Fart (L200)
Great to see you again Shaz and sorry I didn't get a pic of you, Dinesh. And to Shaz, I hope you brought Aliaa for her beloved Cendol, you know there ain't nothin' like it is in Penang!


kev said...

how does the e-class fare, is that a e230 or something, haha. its just not using the e200k rims, so i could only imagine.

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Kev, it's an E280 Avantgarde. Awesome car! Raj managed to handle it with minimal oversteer.

kev said...

its probably with ESP on. the oversteer is pretty progressive. tried the car on sepang merc driving experience, basically a driver training, lol. we even played with the S300. a competant car i'd say