Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wide throated White Wave

It has been a fantastic week, although work was just dreadful, but wonderfully eventful and nostalgic one.

Recently I just had a touge session with Billy in his Iswara. Being a carbureted version, the revs were light and peaky. A point of note for this particular Iswara, is that it’s running on the Weber DCNF scavenged from yours truly’s initial exploits into the automotive world. I told you it had been a nostalgic week right? My mint DCNF residing in his clean bay. Proud of your advancements bro. Cheers!
Billy had just revised his front suspension and DIY'd a custom built strut bar, and wanted to further test out his dampers before proceeding to revise his rear damping so I, the ever willing driver, is always the perfect accomplice!
See the "ponna" thick bar? It has padding on it to ensure minimal knocking of my DCNF. Webers are a gem in this high pressure fuel injected world.
We headed up to the Teluk Bahang “test route” and lo and behold, the frontal grip was amazing even if only running on 15” A520 street tires (an old series before the Neova era). The rear was still rolling in the bends and squatting on acceleration but that has never stopped me from having fun en route.

Billy did me proud, he polished the cover 'till it shone!
Billy experienced a controlled manner of FWD oversteer with the front end biting with the rear slipping, and just treading its wider slip angle. We were having so much fun sliding the “White Wave” (white is the car’s color and wave is cause its rear handles like one.. Hah!) throughout Teluk Bahang and Batu Feringghi.

We ended the evening with birdwatching at Gurney drive’s Mc Donald’s, a Coke and a smoke for the perfect snappy evening! Thanks Billy for the pleasure of driving your “White Wave”~! Catch you again soon.


darius said...

"ponna" thick bar eh scav? hehe...:-)

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hi Darius, ya indeed bro. My respect to Billy for the DIY.