Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Spirited revelry

Well, it's half an hour 'till the arrival of 2009 and I'm sitting in my car, stuck in a mile long traffic "catastrophe", and updating my blog through my handphone.

Everyone is stuck without motorized access to most places of interest (POI) due to the extremely "spirited" revelry of party-goers high on the Christmas mood. I guess the first time the authorities chanced upon us for some controlled fun and automotive access to the POIs... We'd just gone out and spoilt it.

One bad apple spoils the bunch erh? But heck, I'd rather be stuck in jam as compared to drunken teens using my roof as a trampoline!
I just finished a short albeit lonely touge session and am going to retire to the comfort of my spongy bed soon. Catch y'all next time... Ciaoz...


Heaven's Cloud said...

Happy New Year =)

Lonely touge session eh? =p

ScAvEnGeR said...

Hey bro. Happy New Year... Ya lor... Sad la.

But still enjoyable nonetheless.

All the best for the '09~!